Top 5 Hydro-power to Invest for 2023-2024

top 5 hydropower to invest

Top 5 Hydro-power to Invest for 2023-2024

NEPSE has about 48+ hydro companies listed for trading as of 28th June 2023. Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower is the largest with a market capitalization of Rs.52.31 Arab, Chilime Hydropower 2nd with a market capitalization of 28.28 Arab, and Rasuwagadhi Hydropower & Sahas Urja Limited 3rd and 4th respectively.

Hydro has become the most reliable and frequently traded segment in NEPSE. Here we have listed the top 5 hydro companies with prices per share below Rs.500 which in our view can provide high returns in upcoming months by analyzing the present fundaments and plans of the company.

5) Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower (UPPER)

As an executing agency for the Project’s execution, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) formed Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited (UTKHPL) in March 2007 (2063/11/25 B.S.). The Board of Directors (BoD) currently has six full-time members and two invitees. Four of the six full-time members of the BoD are from the NEA, one is from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), and one is from Nepal Telecom (NTC). As invitee members, Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) and Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS) representatives are also present on the Board of Directors. Four public entities—Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Nepal Telecom (NTC), Citizen Investment Trust (CIT), and Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS)—hold the bulk of the company’s shares (51%).


Maximum Output: 456MW

Share Trading Currently @ Rs.462.40 per share

The company is coming with 1:1 right share soon, that’s why this script is on our list. Being the largest hydro company it always been a favorite stock to investors.

4) Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited (MBJC)

A subsidiary of Chilime Hydropower Corporation Limited, Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited (MBJCL) was registered as a public corporation in July 2010. In the Central Development Region’s Sindhupalchowk area, MBJCL intends to build the 102 MW Middle Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project (MBKHEP).EPF, Chilime, and MBJCL have inked a tripartite financing arrangement for the debt component. The promoter will have 51% of the equity investment, while the public will hold 49%. Chilime is a market leader with 37% of the market.

Maximum Output: 102MW

Share Trading Currently @ Rs.339.90 per share


The latest provisional quarterly statement states that the EPS of the company has come positive and the performance is getting better. It is a hot-listed script with a low per-share value.

3) Sanima Mai Hydro-Power Limited (SHPC)

A public limited company named Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited (SHPC) was founded in 2065 as a special purpose vehicle business for the development and management of the 22 MW Mai hydropower project (MHP) and the 7 MW Mai Cascade hydropower project (MCHP). MHP produces 22 MW utilizing approximately 23 cusec of water from the Mai River, while MCHP produces 7 MW using water discharged from MHP’s tailrace. Both of the SHPC-run projects are situated in Mai municipality, Ilaam. SMHL was changed from being a 2068-12-3 public limited company to becoming a SHPC firm on the Nepal Stock Exchange. The MHP and MCHP both began operating for profit on 14 Fagun 2071 and 29 Magh 2072, respectively. SHPC is regarded as one of the top hydropower sources.

Maximum Output: 22MW + 7MW


Share Trading Currently @ Rs.374 per share

The latest quarterly statement states that the EPS is 14.57, the Current ratio 5.68, Return 7.89% being the best hydro to achieve this target.

2) Green Ventures Limited (GVL)

Green Ventures Limited is undergoing a Likhu-IV Hydroelectric Project, a run-of-river scheme with an installed capacity of 52.4MW utilizing a design discharge of 26.70m3/s and gross head of 221.27 meters. Likhu-IV Hydroelectric Project is located on the boundary of Okhaldhunga and Ramechhap districts, most of the project structures are positioned on the left bank of Likhu River at former Ragani and Khiji Chandeshowari Village Development Committees (VDCs), recently named as Khijidemba rural municipality of Okhaldhunga District and Right bank of former Bhuji Village Development Committee (VDCs) recently named as Umakunda Rural Municipality of Ramechhap. The project area is about 186 Km North East of Kathmandu.

Maximum Output: 52.4MW


Share Trading Currently @ Rs.427 per share

This 3rd quarter report shows higher return compare to last year’s 3rd quarter financial report. The EPS is Rs. 12.36 and Net worth per share is Rs.106.66.

1) Peoples Hydropower Company Private Limited (PHCL)

The Peoples Hydropower Company Private Limited (PHCL) was established on Ashwin 22, 2064 (Oct 09th, 2007) under the Company Act 2063 of Nepal as a private company. The proponents of the Company include different people from multidisciplinary sectors interested in hydropower development. The main objective of the company is to develop Hydropower Projects in Nepal. On Feb 27, 2019, the company is transformed from private to public limited as per the Company Act 2006 BS.

Maximum Output: 54MW


Share Trading Currently @ Rs.346 per share

The transmission line is under construction and soon to be connected to the National Electricity line. The future forecast seems to be prosperous investing in this script.

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