Documents to be submitted for Business Loan in Nepal


Documents to be submitted for Business Loan in Nepal

Getting loan approval still is a long process indeed. We don’t usually have much information regarding the documents required for timely approval.

Big business houses hire experts for this process but small businesses strugles to gather all documents on time.

So for convenience here we have enclosed the checklist for Business Loan Approval in Nepal

Registration and Identity of the Borrower

  • Borrower Registration Document valid and renewed
  • PAN,VAT Registration
  • Business License/approvals, if applicable
  • MOA,AOA or Partnership Deed as applicable
  • Latest Share Lagat for Private Ltd.
  • Meeting (GM/SGM) Minute for Private Limited
  • Citizenship of all Guarantor and authorized person
  • Family Declaration of the authorized person
  • Family relationship establishing document, if required
  • Net worth Declaration of Authorised Person and All Guarantors
  • Loan Application from Customer

Collateral Security Document

  • Complete Detailed Valuation Report for all Plots
  • Lalpurja for all Plots
  • Four Boundary all Plots
  • Current FY Tiro Receipt All Plots
  • Trace/Blueprint with Plot No Marked on the document
  • Building Completion Certificate and Engineer’s Drawings as applicable
  • Road Access Proof documents
  • Ownership transfer deed (rajinama/bakaspatra etc if applicable)

Financial Documents

  • Audited/Provisional Balance Sheet for last Two years
  • Signed Projected Balance Sheet for Next 3 Years (Balance Sheet, PL, Cash Flow, Schedules)
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Vat Returns (YTD) for VAT registered entity
  • IRD Submission, if applicable
  • Stock/Receivable/Payable/Sales (YTD)/Fixed Assets details as on the date of Business Inspection
  • Business Proposals/Plans for Large Value Borrowers

Customer Credibility

  • CIB from Credit Information Bureau
  • Internal CIC from Other BFI’s if Overdue under on CIB
  • Existing Bank Statement if Loan to be swapped
  • Multiple Banking Details
  • Eligible for Loan declaration
  • Loan Purpose declaration

byCA Ganesh Poudel

Chartered Accountant | Senior Officer | Garima Bikas Bank Ltd.