Documents Required for Personal Loan in Nepal

Documents Required for Personal Loan in Nepal

Documents Required for Personal Loan in Nepal

Bank & other financial institution provides personal loan against the securities and projected income of upcoming yrs, besides these, the following documents are also required for timely approval of personal Loan in Nepal. The documents stated here are mentioned studying common practices in Nepal keeping on mind the guidelines provided by the Nepal Rastra Bank.

Collateral Security Document

 1Complete Detailed Valuation Report for all Plots
Lalpurja for all Plots
Four Boundary Certificate all Plots
Tiro Receipt All Plots
Trace/Blueprint with Plot No. Marked on the document
Building Completion certificate and Building Approval Certificate /Engineer Drawings, if applicable
Road Access Proof documents
Ownership transfer deed(Rajinama, Bakaspatra etc.) if applicable

Income Documents

 1Income verification documents(salary, rental income etc.)
Salary TDS document for salary certificate
Rental TDS document for rental income
Income Consent for all income holders
Audit Report/Tax clearance certificate to verify Business Income(if applicable)
** Agriculture income along with Agriculture verification document, signed/verified from branch (Note: Consider maximum 80% only for agriculture income)
Capital Gain Tax Report for Income from shares(Margin Lending Loan only)
Vehicle income documents(Bill book, Route Permit, Janch Pass document if applicable) & Valid insurance policy
** Point no 6 not mandatory by all financial institution, selected banks may ask for the same.

Customer Credibility

 1Consumer Credit Report from Credit Information Bureau
Inter-Bank Credit Information if overdue
Existing Bank Statement if Loan to be swapped
All Loan application form (duly filled & signed)

byCA Ganesh Poudel

Chartered Accountant | Senior Officer | Garima Bikas Bank Ltd.