SEO, Digital Marketing Including Social Media

SEO Digital marketing including social media

SEO, Digital Marketing Including Social Media

The internet has changed the entire ecosystem of the business not only outside but in Nepal too.  The entry of huge online giants like Daraz, inDrive, etc & daily transaction volume of payments gateways reflects its strength upon upcoming business models in Nepal.

SEO, Digital Marketing Including Social Media is key to businesses from their early product life cycle, introduction to market growth to expansion and innovation.

At Present, most travel and trekking agencies are doing SEO, Digital Marketing including social sites. Besides this e-commerce platform focus on online advertisement mostly on social sites like facebook,tiktok and youtube. Recent trends say that instagram has become the most popular site for promoting fashionable garments and food industries focusing mainly on teenagers and youth up to the age of 35.

The giant business houses are also allocating budgets to make their presence online.  So, the market itself is getting huge & challenges along with few government regulations on these topics itself mark its importance.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, Search engine providers such as google, bing shows the results for any search word or sentences with a particular algorithm. These algorithm helps to show the most trusted and worthy website to the user. These algorithm gets updated time and again to SHOW better RESULTS.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing means marketing the product online using the internet and other forms of digital communications. Blogging, Social Sites Boosting, Online Quiz, and Games, etc help to market the product. Besides email, social media, and web-based advertising text such as hashtags and multi-media are also used as channels for marketing and promoting the product or services.

What is the initial Cost of Digital Marketing for Small Business Houses?

Digital marketing starts from building a simple website to social media pages and engaging the customers to attract the product or services

Cost of developing a simple local business website

1Website  (Development) One-Time CostNRs. 25000/-
2Social Sites & ContentNRs. 20000/-
3Website yearly charges (Shared Hosting)NRs. 5000/-
TotalNRs. 50,000/-

Monthly Cost of SEO & Digital Marketing including Social Media

SEO & Digital Marketing

One post per week
SEO Page Ranking
One engagement Campaign
NRs.15000-/ Per Months

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