Freelance & It’s Competition

Freelance & its Competition
Financial Resources for Abroad Study
Project Financing in Nepal

Project Financing in Nepal

Project financing in Nepal typically involves several steps. Here’s an outline of the general process: It’s worth noting that the specific steps and requirements may vary based on the nature and scale of the project, as well as the preferences of the financing institutions or investors involved. It’s advisable to consult with local financial experts
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Principle of natural justice

Principle of Natural Justice (प्राकृतिक न्यायको सिद्दान्त)

This principle is one of the oldest concepts which has been recognized by Greek and Roman as a concept of ‘Jus Naturale’. It focuses that decision making process should be rationale and fair. It is also known as the principles of procedural fairness, which are fundamental legal concepts that ensure fairness and protect individual’s rights
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The Doctrine of Double Jeopardy
Nepal Rastra Bank Monetary Policy

Revised Monetary Policy

NRB vide its circular no. 01/80-81 dated 12.04.2080 has revised certain provisions of NRB directive for the implementation of monetary policy 80/81. Some of these provisions will have a direct impact on how you will receive loans from Banks and financial institutions. Some important changes that will have a direct impact on individuals are listed
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मौद्रिक नीतिपछि किन लगातार घट्दै गइरहेको सेयर बजार

मौद्रिक नीति पछि किन लगातार घट्दै गइरहेको छ सेयर बजार ?

मौद्रिक नीति सार्वजनिक भएको दिन शेयरबजारमा ६२ अंकको भारी वृद्धिसँगै सकारात्मक संकेतदेखिए पनि बजारले गति लिन सकेन। त्यसो भए मौद्रिक नीति पछि बजार के भयो? के अब शेरबजार मन्दीमा जाने हो ?अबको दिनमा बजार के होला ? म यस लेखमा यी प्रश्नहरू एक-एक गरेर व्याख्या गर्ने प्रयास गर्नेछु । पहिलो, त्यसोभए मौद्रिक नीति पछि बजार
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मिसम्याच सम्बन्धी जानकारी

मिसम्याच भनेको के हो? » कुनै करदाताले देखाएको कारोबार (बिक्रेता, क्रेता, साहु र आसामी) र अरूले उक्त करदातालाई रिपोर्टिङ गरेको कारोबार (बिक्रेता, क्रेता, साहु र आसामी) फरक परेमा त्यसलाई मिसम्याच भनिन्छ ।» एक लाखभन्दा बढीको कारोबार गरेका करदाताहरूले आर्थिक वर्षको अन्त्यसम्ममा भएको कारोबारका आधारमा आय विवरणको अनुसूची १३ भर्नुपर्दछ । यसरी उक्त विवरण भर्दा दुवै
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